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MSD Sheep detailer

Product and UI/UX Design

Project overview

MSD Animal Health developed their marketing strategy to start listening to their farmers (clients) by providing sales agent with a digital product that could be used to broadly diagnose sheep immediately, and suggest the appropriate MSD product while on site.

My role

My role was to develop stored content into a digital product that could be published and distributed on the in-house MERCK system. I conceptualised the product and was responsible for UI and UX.

Design process

This project was done in four steps:
1. Understanding
2. Sketching
3. Design
4. Implementation

Design & development toolkit


MSD had a wealth of information on sheep dosage products that have been marketed since the 1920’s. My challenge was to convince them to develop a digital product that could answer specific questions, and use the information on an “as-needed” basis to change the marketing tool. Historically sales agents would seasonally promote products, and not necessarily listen to a farmer’s specific needs.

Sketching and user flow

The user flow was presented as information architecture to relate to the already existing content.


I provided a full UI kit for following digital products.


The product was introduced in 2016, and the concept was adopted by MERCK international.