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PWA member brochures

UI/UX Design

Project overview

Medihelp is moving away from paper-based projects and introduced fully digital member brochures in 2022 that can be stored on any device for quick access.

My role

I was responsible for the user flow, usability, UI and UX

Design process

We conducted the project with these 6 UX design steps:

Design & development toolkit


Members need to have information that is up to date, easy to access, and always available. Providing the member guide as a PWA was the perfect solution for a new paperless environment.

User research

User research was focused on the UI trend in popular PWAs –
especially the mobile app functionality of

Sketch & design

I created the full set of high-fidelity ideations to be discussed with stakeholders before we started development.

Implementation & evaluation

The digital member brochure PWAs were launched January 2022, and as this is an ongoing project we will evaluate and improve on an ongoing basis.